Build Stocks App

Immerse yourself in the world of iOS by building the Stocks app. Perfect to start building your portfolio./p>

Building Instagram

Build one of the most popular social apps of the decade. Complete with custom camera, interactions, and everything in-between.

Building TikTok

Join the most popular and valuable courses on iOS Academy. Build the latest viral social app in Swift & Xcode.

Building Spotify

Create the most popular music and audio app on iOS. Complete with the official Spotify API, playback, and a beautiful UI.

SwiftUI Chat App

Build a full featured SwiftUI Chat App. Perfect for beginners in SwiftUI and those looking to create a portfolio.

SwiftUI for Beginners

Dive into the world of SwiftUI by learning the fundamentals. Build three full apps – Instagram, Weather, and Travel to master the basics.

Building Messenger

Get started with iOS by building a Messenger app in UIKit. Get your feet wet with iOS Academy and our content.


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