Building Instagram

Learn to build the Instagram app fromm scratch. This includes creating accounts/logging in, uploading posts, notifications, profiles, discover, search, and more. We will set up all of the back-end and UI interface layer.

Building TikTok

In this course we will learn to build the TikTok app from scratch. This includes the Feed/For You page, Discover, Video Creation, Notification, Profiles, and more. In addition we will be adding other cool features like liking & commenting. Lastly, we will be using Firebase for our backend.

SwiftUI Chat App

Learn to build a full real-time chat app in SwiftUI from scratch. Understand the professional approach to using SwiftUI in a robust end to end app.

Building Spotify

Learn to build the Spotify app from scratch! Complete with the official API usage, player, albums, search, playlists, playback, and more - you'll get a premium look at how a large scale app is developed.

Building Messenger

Learn to build the Messenger realtime Chat app from scratch. We will implement Sign In, Sign Up, FB/Google Auth, Conversations, and more. In addition, we will learn to send text, photo, video, and location message.


SwiftUI for Beginners

Learn all of the fundamentals for SwiftUI. From designing beautiful views to passing around data, we will cover it all. In this course we will build a strong SwiftUI foundation and build 3 awesome apps - Instagram, Weather App, & Travel App.

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