The below policies outline the collection, gathering, usage, and rights as they relate to your personal information and data on iOS Academy. By accessing this policy, site, or any related service/product, you hereby agree to this Privacy Policy. This is an agreement between the Provider ("ASN GROUP LLC") and the User ("Yourself").

Collection of Personal Data

iOS Academy products and services collect a variety of data. This includes, but is not limited to, user demographic data, referrer data, usage data, user device environment data, activity information, and personalization preferences.

We collect personal data to help deliver the best service/product experience possible. We also collect certain information for Legal Regulation compliance and security. This type of data collection may include your birthday, location, payment information.

Personal information and data is collected in two primary ways. The first method of data collection is User Provided Data. This is data that is provided directly to products and services via input forms or usage activity. The second method of collection is autonomously. This is further detailed below.

Automatically Collected Data

Certain information is automatically collected about users. This may include demographic information, location data, and third party provided information. We directly share any automatically collected data. Furthermore, our products and services make every effort to comply with third party partner Terms and Privacy Agreements.

Use of Personal Data

Personal data and information is used to provide optimal user experiences, personalized offerings, and tailored product surfaces. Furthermore, personal data is used to ensure secure and safe usage of our products for all users/customers.


Cookies are small pieces of code placed on a user's browser for various application use cases. These small data blobs are placed in a browser store upon visiting a given website.

We utilize cookies in a variety of ways. This includes, but is not limited to, service personalization, account recovery, state awareness, attribution of referral traffic, attribution of user demographic, and others.

You can manage any cookie placed on your machine by our products and services by navigating to your browser settings. You are free to delete and disbale cookies on your computer. Please keep in mind that should you do this, service and product quality may suffer.

Children Under Age Thirteen

Usage of iOS Academy services and products is not permitted by any children under the age of thirteen. We fully adhere with COPA regulation and do not service accounts for those who do not meet this criteria per our knowledge.


Futhermore, by agreeing to this policy, you maintain that you will indemnify ASN GROUP LLC, Partners, Affiliates, and Officers in any litigation or dispute.

GDPR & Other Regulation

Additionally, we make every effort to fully comply with the EU's GDPR regulation and all other federally mandated laws on a jurisdication by jurisdication basis. This includes, but is not limited to, how we collect data, store data, share data, and obtain user usage consents.

Change Notice

This policy is subject to change at any point in the future without prior written notice. We will make an effort to notify you should any substantial changes occur, however, we reserve the right not to provide communication. Please periodically visit the policy page for updates.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or concerns with this policy, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team can be rached at Please allow at minimum 72 hours for us to respoond. Furthermore, please only submit one request for contact; submitting multiple requests will not expedite your reply.