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Start by becoming an iOS Academy supporter on Patreon. Monthly & Annual plans available.

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Connect your Github account by clicking the button above. Then, verify your Patreon support.

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Accept the Github invitation to the iOS Academy Coders private repository.

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Learn from all the source code and material shown on the iOS Academy YouTube channel. An ever growing collection of resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access?

To get access to source code, you must be a Patreon supporter and connect your Github account above. So long as you remain a Patreon supporter, you will have continued access on Github.

What resources do I get access to?

You will gain access to all source code shown in videos on the iOS Academy YouTube channel. This source is continuously updated as new videos are published and released. Note that premium iOS Academy+ series source is not included as that material is not available on YouTube.

What steps do I follow to gain access?

1. First, start by connecting your GitHub account by clicking the action button at the top of this page.

2a. Once signed in, you will see a button to verify your Patreon subscription & to become a Patron. If you have already became a Patron, simply verify by linking your account and hang tight for the Repo invite.

2b. If you have not become a Patron yet, follow the link to support iOS Academy on Patreon. Be sure to come back to this page and link your Patreon account thereafter to receive an invitation.

Can I fork the Repo I get access to?

No. Permission to fork or otherwise re-distribute the source code is prohibited. The resources are made available under iOS Academy license as learning resources only.

Is this a subscription?

Yes. Patreon supports monthly and annual plans. So long as you are a Patron, you will have access. Your access will automatically be revoked if you choose to cancel the Patreon subscription.

Will there be updates or new resources added?

Yes! As new videos are published to the iOS Academy YouTube channel, the related code and resources will continuously be added to the repository.

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