The below policies outline the binding agreement between yourself, the user, and ASN GROUP LLC, the Provider, for any products and services we offer relating to iOS Academy. These policies are extensions of policies of ASN GROUP which can be found on

Products & Services

iOS Academy provides educational courses, interactive content, and interview material. All content is sole ownership of ASN GROUP LLC. While we offer educational content, we do not affirm any outcome or result of a course. Materials are provided "AS IS" with no further warranty. We also provide a variety of IT and Consulting Services. These services range from graphic design & software development, to business advisory services & Business Intelligence. Consulting services are governed by the related Statement of Work that the client and Service Provider execute.

Third Parties & Partners

We integrate our services with third party providers to enhacne and extend user experiences. These partners include, but are not limited to, Sendinblue, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Github, and Teachable. By using any of our services, you transitively agree to the Terms and Privacy statements of all our third party partners. Furthermore, by creating an account with iOS Academy, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Terms of Sale & Refunds

As it relates to any sale of educational services, content, or goods through iOS Academy, all sales are final. While we strive to ensure every user is fully satisified, we do not process refunds for purchased materials. However, this policy omits policies in places for Courses. Course sale's are governed by Teachable school policies. Furthermore, all transactions shall be converted to United States Dollars regardless of purchase currency and at time conversion rate. Furthermore, iOS Academy does not handle payment information or transactions directly for educational content. This said, we waive liability for PCI compliance due to lack of related data handling and interaction. For IT and consulting services, ASN GROUP LLC conducts transactions via wire transfers. Business is conducted in the United States. International customers may remit payment with use of a SWIFT Banking code.

Affiliate Program

iOS Academy reserves the right to offer an affiliate Program. This program is defined as one in which others may refer a user to our product or service in return for an affiliate incentive. This incentive may be monetary or otherwise. In addition, the incentive is subject to change without prior written notice.

Litigation & Jurisdication

While you agree to indemnify ASN GROUP LLC and its affiliates, litigation shall be governed by the state of New Jersey in the United States. Should any litigation cost fall on iOS Academy, ASN GROUP LLC, or its affiliates by results of your action, you agree to cover full damages and legal fees.


Furthermore, you agree to indemnify all officers, employees, or otherwise affiliates of iOS Academy and ASN GROUP in any legal matter. You further waive your right to seek damanges from ASN GROUP LLC as it relates to any product or service in association to iOS Academy.

Trademarks & Intellectual Property

The courses, material, and other products/services offered through iOS Academy are under the sole and exclusive ownership of ASN GROUP LLC. Under no circumstance shall you duplicate, screenshot, record, and/or distribute our materials. Should we find you are in breach of this IP statement, we reserve the right to seek damages to the fullest extent of the law. Furthermore, consulting services are exempt from this provision. IP ownership for projects is governed by the Statement of Work document executed by the Client and Service Provider.

Change Notice

This policy is subject to change at any point in the future without prior written notice. We will make an effort to notify you should any substantial changes occur, however, we reserve the right not to provide communication. Please periodically visit the policy page for updates.

Contact Information

Should you have any questions or concerns with this policy, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team can be rached at Please allow at minimum 72 hours for us to respoond. Furthermore, please only submit one request for contact; submitting multiple requests will not expedite your reply.